Supporting Stella Children Through Our Online Donor Shop

For 26 years Stella Pre-Primary School and Care Centre has been successfully changing the beginnings of children from the eThekweni South Central area, of all backgrounds, including those in circumstances of severe financial deprivation.

We rely heavily on donations from generous individuals, companies, charities and organisations who partner us in our efforts to positively influence the future of the children in our care.

We've always had an annual budget that we've raised money towards. However, we've also been aware that some of our donors have particular areas of interest, and if given the choice would prefer to see their donation be used to fund specific aspects of our overall programme.

Welcome to Stella's Online Donor Shop. We've taken the vast majority of items we require to keep the school running and broken them down into individual items, presented on the Online Donor Shop with the actual cost (prices) next to each item.

No longer are we asking you to simply contribute towards one number that we need to meet our overall budget (of course you can do that with pleasure).

We're inviting you to partner us, by 'purchasing' items that you believe in. We will ensure that the money you spend (donate) is allocated to be used ONLY on the items you have specified (Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more details).